Bryce Canyon NP

Bryce Canyon is compact, at least for a National Park so it is possible to explore the park in a day. With one full day, I was able to hike deep into the canyon and to take in the view from multiple viewpoints.

The view from the top is an enormous amphitheater displaying the world’s greatest concentration of irregular rock spires called hoodoos.   The viewpoints along the rim of the amphitheater look down into the valley of hoodoos, forests, and trails. 

Inspiration Point overlook gives a bird’s eye view of the world’s most extensive collection of rock spires. Sunset Point offers a spectacular overlook to enjoy panoramic views of Bryce Canyon hoodoos. Thor’s Hammer is prominent from Sunset Point.

Hiking into the canyon offers a unique perspective. The Navajo Loop Trail is found in Sunset Point. This trail comes down from Sunset Point and through the slot canyon of Wall Street. The 1.3-mile Loop Trail features a series of switchbacks to wind down into the canyon through a garden of hoodoos. The second half of the loop, which is a slot canyon filled with 500 to 700-year-old Douglas firs.

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