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RCF Academic Home Page

RCF Home is my personal and professional home page. Here you find an updated CV as well as information on new and ongoing manuscripts and research projects. It chronicles research accomplishments and recognitions and links to data resources.

You also find insights on daily life in my warm weather home of Erie PA and the beaches attractions of Presque Isle State Park. The content is integrated with local the Governance Research LLC site for current applied research work. and my Road Scholar Rick travel blog and galleries.

Road Scholar Rick Travel Gallery

The Road Scholar Rick is my travel blog and photo gallery that chronicles my travels during the colder months in PA. Since retiring from academia in 2020 I have pursued my passions for traveling, camping, and photography by hitting the road and traveling across North America, Europe and other international destinations.

My fall road trip to through Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and camping trip to Brice Antelope and Zion are the excursions currently uploaded. I hope to have photos of many more of my recent travels uploaded soon. See the News menu item for updates.

Consulting: LG Research LLC

Local Governance Research LLC research addresses applied policy issues and problems for local governments and organizations that improve our understanding of local governments and governance institutions.  LGR’s five research programs – Institutional Collective Action; The Political Market; Transaction Cost Federalism, Policy Bundling and Implementation, and Institutions for Sustainability Governance – offer theoretical frameworks to investigate issues related to economic development, land use, energy & sustainability, service delivery, infrastructure and finance.