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Research areas:

  • Local/metropolitan governance
  • Urban politics
  • Local government sustainability

Areas of Interest:

  • Institutional Collective Action
  • Political Markets
  • Sustainability Transitions


  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, Political Science, 1986
  • MPA, University of Kansas, 1983
  • B.A., Penn State University, Political Science, 1980

Biography: RC Feiock is internationally recognized for his expertise in local government, sustainability, and local democratic institutions.  He founded and directs Local Governance Research LLC, conducting policy analysis, training, and applied research.  He spent 35 years on the faculties of leading institutions including, University of Miami, Florida State University, Korea University, and Local Governance Research LLC. He published four books and more than 200 refereed journal articles, and supervised 45 doctoral dissertations. Since retiring in 2020, he spends much of his time traveling, but continues to engage in applied research and training through LGR and to conduct and publish academic research. Curriculum Vitae


  • Research has been citied over 14,500 times as reported by Google Scholar
  • Included in the 2022 “World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists
  • Principal investigator or Co-PI on 10 National Science Foundation research grants; awarded over 3 million in federal research grant funding.
  • Board of Scientific Counselors, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development HSC, 2014-2017  

Recent Publications (2021-2023)

Kwak C. and Feiock R.C. 2023. Costs and Outcomes of Collaborative Relationships: Interlocal Collaboration Effects on Green Job Creation in Florida Metropolitan Areas   Local Government Studies, forthcoming.

Feiock R.C. 2023.  “Regional Governance and Institutional Collective Action,” in Felipe Teles (ed.)  Handbook on Local and Regional Governance. Edward Elger Press

Clark, L, Tabory, S, Tong, K, Servadio, JL, Kappler, K, Xu, C, Lawal, A, Wiringa, P, Kne, L, Feiock, R, Marshall, J, Russell, A, Ramaswami, A. 2022. “A Data Framework for Assessing Social Inequality and Equity in Multi-Sector Social-Ecological Infrastructural Urban Systems (SEIUS): Focus on Fine-Spatial Scales” Journal of Industrial Ecology, 1– 19.

Kim, S., Swann, W., Weible. C., Bolognesi, T., Krause, R., Park A., Tang, T. Maletsky, K. Feiock, R. 2022.  “Updating the Institutional Collective Action Framework,” Policy Studies Journal 50 (1) DOI:10.1111/psj.12392

Shrestha, M. and Feiock R.C. 2021.  “Toward a Multiplex Network Theory of Interlocal Service Contracting,” Public Administration Review 81(5): 911-924.

Kim, S. Kim, W. Feiock R.C. 2021.  An Item Response Theory Model of Inter-Regional Collaboration for Transportation Planning in the United States.  Land 10, no. 9: 947.

Kangkang Tong, K. Ramaswami A. Xu, C. Feiock, R. Schmitz P. Ohlsen M. 2021. “Measuring Social Equity in Urban Energy Use and Interventions Using Fine-Scale DataPNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and Medicine) 18 (24) e2023554118.  

Feiock, R.C. Kim, S. 2021. “The Political Market and Sustainability Policy,” Sustainability, 13 (6): 3344.

Zeng, J., Wen, Y., Bi, C., Feiock, R.C. 2021.  “Effect of Tourism Development on Urban Air Pollution in China: The Moderating Role of Tourism Infrastructure, Journal of Cleaner Production 280, 124397.

Feiock, R.C. 2021. “City Scale Vs. Regional Scale Co-Benefits of Climate and Sustainability Policy: An Institutional Collective Action Analysis,” International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources 26 (2) DOI:10.19080/IJESNR.2020.26.556184.

Deslatte, A., Swann, W. Feiock, R. 2021.  “Performance, Satisfaction or Loss Aversion? A Meso-Micro Assessment of Local Commitments to Sustainability Programs” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 31: 201–217,

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